What’s BixB Coin?

BixBcoin is a type of electronic cash in which the services are automatically provided to the users without the need for any intermediary third parties. The BixBcoin network wipes out the intermediaries and transactions are performed peer to peer (P2P). With this e-cash you can make purchases, place online orders, transfer money or consider it as an investment.


Bixb Exchange

Bixb.exchange is BixBCoin internal exchange. Business Account. Qualified businesses can accept digital payments via their own Bixb Exchange ™️ Merchant Portal. Instant Internal 

Cons Bit

Coinsbit Store. Is an online shopping platform allowing users to buy any product with cryptocurrency from around the world.


Hotbit Is an exchange platform allowing users to buy any cryptocurrency from around the world.low fees. High Quality Digital Currencies, App Available, Providing 24/7 Online Support.

Web Wallet

BixBCoin Web wallet

Mobile Wallet

BixBCoin Android wallet

Windows Wallet

BixBCoin Widnows wallet